• How to play slots: money management

  • Online slots is an extremely simple, but interesting and exciting game. Here you can get a charge of adrenaline and enjoy the feeling of excitement.


    But not to lose all your money, and not to finish the game in complete disappointment, you need to follow some rules.



    The basis of the game in the slots can rightly be called a competent money management. In this case the game at https://22bet.com/slots/ will not disappoint you.


    How to manage capital in online slots


    If you decide to try your luck, don't rely entirely on chance or fate. Take some of the responsibility on your own.



    No one wants to spend everything and be left with nothing. Yes, not everyone gets upset when they lose $100-500. But the slots will bring a lot more fun and joy, if something to win. Come out in the plus at the end of the game.



    You should start with proper money management. There are several useful tips on this.



    • Allocate a certain amount of money. You must have a limited amount of money on which to play the slots. And you can't exceed that limit. As soon as the money is gone, stop playing. Today is not your day;

    • Limit the time to play. Allocate 1-2 hours for slots. No more. As soon as the time runs out, get out of the slots;

    • Winning Cycle. When the winning cycle is reached, the game must end. You're in the black. And this is the most important thing. Feelings after such a game in slots will be much more pleasant;

    • Minimum bets. It is desirable to do them at the beginning and at the end of the game. In the middle of the game you can increase the bets. But it is always necessary to finish the game in slots on the minimum bets;

    • No big bets. It happens that there is a winning cycle. And the player is tempted to make the biggest bet possible. This is a common mistake. You can lose everything at once;

    • Free spins. These are spins of the reels, for which you do not have to pay your money. But to win on free games is quite real. Do not neglect such opportunities.



    In general, bonus spins - it's a great way to enjoy the game, spending a minimum of real money.



    Practice shows that most online casino sites give freespins at the beginning of the game. Therefore it is possible to finish the cycle with their help. So the probability at the end of the game in slots to lose a large sum will be much lower.



    These are the basic rules with which beginners should start the game. Do not rush to spend a lot of money. Slots should bring pleasure, not take away all your savings.